Riverside Academy is a residential treatment facility providing psychiatric treatment for boys and girls, ages 6 and older. Riverside Academy serves Child in Need of Care (CINC), Juvenile Justice Authority (JJA) and parental-custody residents with a variety of mental health disorders, including behavioral disorders and/or drug and alcohol dependence or abuse and developmental delays.  With a licensed capacity of 63 residents, Riverside Academy is a Joint Commission (JCAHO) accredited program that serves youth from several different states.  A low resident-to-teacher/counselor ratio is essential to the child’s progress. Our experienced and highly skilled staff works closely with each child to develop their full potential for academic achievement and mastery of critical life and coping skills.


  • Residential treatment for chronic psychiatric and/or behavioral boys
  • Residential treatment for chronic psychiatric and/or behavioral girls
  • Specialty program designed for younger population ages 6–10 with chronic psychiatric and/or behavioral needs


  • Females and males, ages 6 and older
  • Full-scale IQ above 50 (case by case consideration for lower IQ’s)
  • Current danger to self and/or others
  • History of severe trauma
  • Meets Kansas PRTF screening criteria (Kansas residents only)


The typical resident admitted to Riverside Academy is someone who is a current danger to self and others.  This could include impulsivity resulting in dangerous or self-injurious behavior, truancy, over-aggressiveness, assaultiveness, cruelty, stealing, promiscuity or precocious sexual behavior, lying or sneaky/devious behavior, destruction of property, evidence of substance abuse or dependency, runaway, oppositional defiant responses to peers, parents or other adults in positions of authority, expressiveness of uncontrolled rages of anger, ritualistic behaviors, and suicidal or homicidal thoughts or actions.  Residents may show a low degree of empathy for others, have an inability to positively establish relationships or interact with others and are irresponsible, deny and/or justify negative behaviors.  Riverside Academy specializes in treating residents who are in need of structured residential care.

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Witchita, KS  67203

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