Rebecca School

Rebecca School is a therapeutic day school that promotes the education and development of children with neurodevelopmental delays of relating and communicating, including autism spectrum disorders. We operate on a 12 month school year. Bussing is provided by OPT for students whose IEP mandates transportation.

We utilize the Developmental Individual Differences Relationship-based (DIR®) model. The DIR® Methodology developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan proceeds from the core belief that relationships are the foundation of learning. At Rebecca School, we consider the variations in individual motor and sensory processing systems and tailor each child’s program to his or her specific needs.


Rebecca School was created to address the needs of children ages 3 to 21 diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders who are underserved in New York City.


Parents are asked to submit an online Tour Request Form. Once we have received your request, our Director of Admissions, Liz O’Shea, will call you to schedule a tour. You will receive a brochure by mail prior to your tour date. When you arrive at Rebecca School for your tour, you will receive an application. During the tour, parents will have opportunities to meet the Admissions Director and the Program Director. During the tour, you also have the opportunity to observe the current students and staff in the classroom and the overall school environment. Parents are encouraged to ask questions at this time and learn as much as possible about our program, to determine if they wish to apply to Rebecca School.

New York
NY  10016

Phone: 212-810-4120

Liz O’Shea

Admissions Director

40 E 30th St
New York, NY 10016

Phone:212-810-4120 ext. 234