Sequel Autism Specialties & Services

A Care Continuum For A Lifetime of Success

Sequel offers a wide range of autism specialties and services in a variety of settings, and we believe that every person has the potential for growth. To that end, we work to personalize the care experience around every person’s potential. We seek to support individuals, families, schools, service providers, and other stakeholders through a continuum of evidence-based behavioral, educational, and social services.


All services and programs focus on supporting individuals in our care and their families by maximizing a person’s unique potential.

We provide the following specialties and services across our autism and education program:

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    Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy
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    Feeding Therapy
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    Mental Health Services
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    Neuropsychological Evaluation
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    Neuropsychology Testing
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    Occupational Therapy
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    Speech Therapy
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    Physical Therapy

Please Note: Not all services are available at all locations. 


Regardless of where someone is on their journey, we have a program designed to prepare and position them for a lifetime of success.

We offer a variety of Autism & Education programs in multiple settings:

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    Community-Based Services
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    Therapeutic Day Schools
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    Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
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teacher working with a young child for autism and education
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