Sequel Youth and Family Services Overview

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Sequel Youth and Family Services (“Sequel”) was founded in 1999 to operate a single school for adjudicated delinquent boys. Since then the company has experienced tremendous growth, and now serves a wide range of populations in a wide range of settings. Our programs currently operate in 17 states and serve clients from 41 states and territories.

The diversity of our clients and locations complements the commonality of our mission and our practice:

  1. We strive to ensure that all of those we serve are safe and that we help them lead independent, fulfilling lives;
  2. We believe that all of those we serve have the capacity for success, both in their personal lives and as a part of our larger society;
  3. We strive to provide our staff with a rich, rewarding, dynamic work experience so that they might not only help our clients succeed but so that they, too, can be fulfilled while involved in a mission greater than themselves;
  4. We work in close partnership with our customers so that, together, we can help those we serve; and
  5. We seek to keep getting better at what we do in order to make better the lives of our clients, our staff, and our customers.

As we celebrate our past, and work hard in the present, Sequel looks to the future by asking ourselves questions like: How can we continue to serve and improve services to our clients? What improvements can we add to demonstrate to our staff how much we value them and all that they do? What additional populations and communities can we look to work with? How can we be more effective in working with our customers?

We are proud of all of our programs, and believe that they are among the elite behavioral health programs in the country. We’d be delighted to chat with you to see how we can apply our passion and expertise to your particular situation.